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hii friends ....

        please explain some examples of

1. low priority & low severity

2. low priority & high severity

3. high severity & high priority

4. high severity & high priority




Nidhi kamboj

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Hi Nidhi,


Find you question answer from this group: http://www.qualitytesting.info/group/bugscenarios



thanks for reference.
Specific examples of priority and severity rankings are dependent on your product and your organization.  In general, severity describes how damaging the bug is (e.g. misspelling vs. destroying data or revealing private information), and priority describes how important it is to fix the bug.


hi Nidhi,

severity : giving high importence to functionality of the application.

Severity levels can be urgent severity, high , medium ,low

Priority: giving high importance to clients bussiness requirement.

 priority levels can be fatal, high, medium,low


high severity & high priority :

all the bugs related to business transactions,major functionality can be assigned high severity & high priority.

Ex: in my application there is a registration form consists of 3 pages ,after successful completion of all the three pages  only  registration will be done successfully .

But while executing ,after completion of first  page will go for clicking  next which navigates you to the 2nd page , but we got Exceptional errors (" Instead of 2nd page we got some  error code ")

In this case we assigned the bug high severity & high priority.


low priority and low severity:

All  the bugs related to cosmetic functionality can be assigned  low prio0rity and low severity

Ex: look n feel, ease of use, font size, color ,Order of functionalities etc............


low priority & high severity :

in my current application we have a requirement " in my application we have a list box in which we will be having 2 categories " Employee, customer "

when we select Our required option the application should navigate to the selected option page .

But During Execution we found that After selecting the client option , the application is not navigating to the expected page .

In the above case , the client option has to be tested in the next release .

In this situation we have given status loe priority and high severity


 low  severity & high priority :

in my application  we have a purchase request form .

   In this form after filling all the fields with valid data we will go for purchasing by clicking buy now button. then it should display acknowledge message " Transaction successful  "

   during execution , we found that  application does not display any acknowledge message . but actual business operation has been done successfully.


In this case we have given status as  low severity and high priority


Regards ,

Gouri sankar.


Hi Gouri sankar,

Its a nice and clear explanation.


Many Thanks,



thanx Gouri shankar nice n very useful explanation

Thank you Gouri sankar. Very well explored on severity & Priority.

Keep up the good posting.



high severity & high priority - Database crash. when user enter data from front end.


@ Gouri Shankar: Nice Explanation. Do post the answers as the same above to the other discussions also.

~ Sai Kumar.V


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