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Intermittently QTP 11 is not clicking winbutton on a dialog. How to handle this?

Hi All,

Intermittently QTP 11 is not clicking winbutton on a dialog {IE9} when the script is scheduled in remote machine. I’ve ensured remote machine is NOT locked and tried below things in my script before performing click operation 

  • .activate and .highlight
  • .mousemove/.move
  • Sendkeys/devicereply
  • .refreshobject
  • .micreturn

Even though I tried all the above, still some times QTP unable to clicking WinButton. Any one has solution for this problem. Feel free to share your thoughts on this.

Many Thanks,


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Sometimes DOM structure changes based on events you performed.  I too got these situations and overcome with DP.

Try below steps:

1. Create DP object

2. Initialize micclass & name properties

3. Get all objects of above Description from your Browser.Page

if you have only one button then this could be your code:


It should work.


Thank you Subbu.


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