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Assume if there are 2 modules, Would u do intergration testing between the 2 or Would u do System testing between the 2 modules.

This was a interview question.

I answered saying "I need to do both forms of testing" but he was asking me again and again "Are you sure??"

What is the answer for this question??

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Yes I am 100% sure and this would only benefit the product!!!
"Yes, I am sure because I define integration testing and system testing this way ... What kind of definitions this organization have?"

Language is such that every time we should try to find what kind of "language" new organization has. I am consultant and many times the customer wants to interview me. Usually it is more like two directional interview where I try to find out what they mean, and they want to find out if I'm competent enough for them. If there is any questionable thing in my answers, I try to go behind the words and what they mean. That way I show my knowledge and communication skills. In terminology side their definitions are not necessarily same as I have. There is so many different process models which have even conflicting definitions.

what you have said is correct, he jus checking your confident level which is the tough part of interview where most of the interviewer will used to ask like that. we have to be confident with the answer even though if you said the wrong one in case. If he asks again and again you should say yes im sure of my answer
Hi all,
Please explain why we need to perform the both of testing?

i am asking because i know from the definition of the integration testing :"Testing of combined parts of an application to determine if they function together correctly. The 'parts' can be modules.....etc"

So why we should consider the System testing aslo ?

Intergration testing: Testing Interfaces, Dependencies, Connectivity and Data flow between the differnet modules is known as intergration testing.

System testing: It is end to end testing where testing environment is just like production environment.

Intergration just determines whether data flow is happening properly b/w 2 modules. Whereas system testing determines whether the application/product is working fine as a whole.
If software product contains only two module.Then three types of testing can be done.
1. unit testing-By developer
2. Integration testing-By developer and tester
3. System testing-Tester

But if software product contains more than two modules then we can only do unit and integration testing.System testing can not be done as we have no complete integrated product is available.


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