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Can anybody guide me,
How testing is done in Insurance domain / in health care domain ?
What should a tester need to learn to get into these domain ?
If you have some useful stuff, pls share it here.
Thanks in advance.

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In Inusrance domain you can be testing applications related to general insurance,life insurance ,properties and casualties (ie Insurance for corporates) etc.Either it can be a system testing or regression testing or any form of testing u need to have the domain knowledge. if u do some external insurance certifications like LOMA,INS 821 etc will be added advatange.
But in Healthcare domain u can deal with Health insurance and Validation Testing are the best things whatever may be the application may be.Hope this info will be useful.

Hi Subramanian,

Can you please update some basic knowledge for tester into Insurance domain testing


For Healthcare domain, we need to concentrate on HIPPA rules for USA based Clients.

Also need to get more idea on HSA,FSA and Medicare etc ,please visit Google and u can more stuff on this.

Hi i am having some HIPPA documents if it is usefull u can view

thank you and if u have any documents send me ,me also in the ehalthcare domain


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