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I was working on a project in which there is going to be new functionality called Credit Card payment.

This functionality will be available from Monday. I was assigned to test this functionality.
Please provide the related documents and information to test these things.

I have a question like to test these thing whether I need to have the valid credit card numbers with VSS number???

Please Help me out.

Thanks& Regards,
Niranjan Rathnam.

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Hi Niranjan,

You can check each and every type of card will have a specific number of digits as Card Number. For example say, Discover should have 17 digits only. Also each card will have an expiry date. With these validations in mind, we will write test cases like :---
1. Test the boundary conditions for credit card by giving more than 17 digits and less than 17 digits.
2. Invalid credit card number.
3. Invalid Expiry date etc

Usha Sri

Thanks for your valuable information.
If you have experience in testing this kind of card testings please let me know some more details apart from validations.

Since it is going to be a third party gateway used to card payments... Whether I need to check with original credit card no, expiry date.. for checking whether the specified money is getting is debited from account?

Is there any alternative way to check this kind of things like providing SAMPLE DATA.

Please share the data, if you have.

Thanks& Regards,
Niranjan Rathnam.
Hi Niranjan,

Check the credit card number with alpha numeric also. It should not accept alpha numeric characters & tst with 4500 5500 0000 0001 number. This will work only in staging env's

Ganesh Jayam
I think u didn't need to check whether the specified money is getting is debited from account. You have to check only transaction is getting successfully or not. If in the requirements they mention whether amount is debited to particular account then u have to test in the particular account. If u need any more clarifications always welcome

Test credit card(CC) numbers are avail for CC testing purpose,

for ex : 4111111111111111 - for Visa card,

Check this link for more credit card details - https://www.paypal.com/en_US/vhelp/paypalmanager_help/credit_card_n...

here you have to check credit card type and CC no, and Expiry date etc.

plz let me knw if you need any other details.

These test credit card nos will work only for test environments,

Application will show "Transaction declined" error message on actual environment.

Thanks again,
Thank You Very Much!
Welcome.... :)

And also check these links....

Link 1

Link 2

I am not sure why you did not get test cards, every client will provide test cards. Now to help you out fews questions requires answers, so help me out will help you out

1. How does cards will be used for trasaction, through Hypercom, Pin-pad, Scanner or web site
2. Does your client provided your complete information about Host to Host interaction.
3. What kind of compliance rules needs to follow, which is very important.
4. Does your client provided tack data structure or algorithm
5. Whats the level encryption process designed, I dont want those details but do you have with you or not
6. How much time did you spend on analysis
7. How does your planning to simulate card transaction, there are simulator to verify the BIN Range of card or does you have some kind of DB which you think will simulate.
8. Processed logs for transactions are again masked or encrypted for card, if yes then can you unmask or decrypt those logs
9. Does your test environment gateway will accept different types of cards
10.During message transaction what are different level or authorization
11. Can you configure time out or session out for transaction

If your not able to answer these question then ask your dev team. And then come up with your own scenario.

There will no use of you ask documents, as testing will be always different so you should analyze architecture and data flow .


U must be very cautious while u r passing by the most important kind of Testing i.e Security Testing.

Here ur little bit innocence can put any organization in a big trouble as it is matter of Financial Transaction.

To Test a CC functionality u must know the important fields and there data types which are very much responsible for making any financial Transactions.

So in case of CC there are three things which has to deal wid any financial transactions..i.e

1.CC Number( i.e maximum can be 17 DIGITS LONG( i.e of ABN Amro Bank and minimum can be of 16 digits i.e Others Bank).
2.Expiry Date..
3.CVV( CARD VERIFICATION VALUE CODE) ie of 3 digits long.

Now wht u have to do while performing Testing is just try combinations like
1.Enter CC NO more than 17 digit or less than 16 digit ..Resultant should be it shud never accept these values.
2.shud never accept alphanumeric value as CC noor CVV .
3.date shud be a valid date .I mean month shud be within 1-12 and date in between 1-31st.
4.Non of field shud be empty while transacting.
5.Application shud not transact if the CC has expired.
6.It shud not allow copy n paste fuctionality.(Based on Application)

There are n no of test cases bt these u must try b4 giving GREEN LIGHT to any application u test.



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