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Hi all,


Please let me know what kind of applications can be tested using QTP?


Is it possible to test  "C Langauage" based code.






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Dear chandan kumar PS,

Yes Possible, to test Application build ed in C or C++..

But Depends on the Functionality of that application..
You can you DCOM and extern concepts to test those application.

one more thing that you can do full flashed automated testing on those..
so it is not recommended to do that.!
Hi saravanan,

Thanks for your reply. As Iam in to product testing ,I dont have any idea on QTP.

Can we use QTP for Voip Applications .
Dear chandan kumar PS,

I don't QTP suites for Voip Application.
Because there to automate you need voice Recognition Mechanism concept..!
I not sure QTP supports those this...
May possible by certain addins.. But need to be checked out..!

Checkout the below URL,,


TTWT Magazine





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