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In What Context  - "Quality is Free"?

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Let me start of by quoting some of the features of a good test engineer.
1) Test to break attitude.
2) Attention to detail
3) an ability to take the point of view of the customer
4) strong desire for quality

These qualities are gained over the years and having strong inclination towards quality.It is the entusiasm, moral responsibility that the test engineer take makes a good product/service available from the company.

All these qualities are free.

But it involves the investment of time from the test engineer, investment by company in building the competency in the testing fraternity, investing in developing Communication and soft skills that will driving factor for the Quality to Be free.

Quality is free in the context when an oragnization has a dedicated professionals (accountable for quality )are responsible,intelligent And adept at finding bugs with utmost sincerity.Ofcource these qualities acquired in a couple of years of experience.
"Quality is free. It's not a gift, but it is free"

Quality is Free :- Quality by testing and throwing out or fixing defects. you achieve quality by testing, fixing and discarding more -- at higher cost. The newer model is to do it right the first time: If you don't put the defects in, then you don't have to pay to find and remove them.

Sandip Wagh
Nicely Put Sandip


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