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Life insurance gives an individual’s family the financial security needed and protects them from uncertainties and eventualities of life.


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I agree with Mohan!

I totally agree with you guys as a chinese proverb goes like this, "Give me a fish to eat, tomorrow I will come back to you for another fish to eat, teach me to fish and I will never come back to you".

But during that teaching / training time .. what ever moeny life insurace gives, I think it can/will make a sea of difference.

Life is uncertain - its a universally known/accepted fact. But when it happnes what will be the fate of the family. Immediately they  may / may not be ready to survive on their own and may requre some time to do it. During that time gap, I bet Life Insurance will be very very handy and I have personally witnessed few families which were saved becasue of the moneis they got from life insuracne.


Taking a cue from this, I started spreading awareness about the benefits of life insurance.

Very Well Said.


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