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In real time what is the Testing Process with respect to automation?

In real time what is the Testing Process with respect to automation? Any one answer this question

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Hi Sailaja,

You can follow the following steps:
a) Select the test case to automate
b) Design your test automation based on your selected test case
c) Find the common functionality though out the testing application
d) Create a common functions
e) Don't forget to include error verification in the script
f) Create a test script
g) Create test automation suite
h) Execute the test suite
i) Analyze the results
j) If you find any errors / script fails- Log the defect

Friends correct me...


I hope you are doing well, Here is the list of Automation Testing processes that are used by Top QA Automation Testing companies to deliver Automation Testing Services.

Automated Testing Process 

1- Selection of Right Test Automation Tool Based on current needs and requirements

2- Understand and define the scope of Automation

3- Test Automation Planning

4- Design and Development Test Scripts

5- Test Execution

6- Maintenance

7- Reporting

8- Support


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