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In QTP, How many ways to call an external file? Could your answer my question.


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Whats the question exactly?
What do you mean by external file? excel / lib / something else?
Hi Kiran Kumar,

Only Two ways..
1->By Options selection with QTP.
2->By Scripting
Both are applicable for all the files like DataTable(XLS),Function Lib(QFL,VBS,TXT) and object repository (TSR)
But if u use Scripting to perform this that will be to good. even you may make a script that should add the files into QTP Resource i.e. as like how u do by QTP options..
Dear Team,
I want to confirm one thing..
This Question is about using the System resource(Calling the files that is not with QTP but stored in the Processable place).. then you need to use above options what i mentioned..
In case of you just want to run the file that is in your system then u may follow the Priya Rajan comments on this.. an additional you may add
executefile "Path"
There are 3 methods are there, check the following:
1. Dim WshShell set WshShell = CreateObject ( "Wscript.Shell") WshShell.Exec "calc.exe
2. Use "InvokeApplication" command (invoke the executable program) Call executable applications such as: InvokeApplication "C: Program Files Plus! Microsoft Internet IEXPLORE.EXE"
3. Use of "SystemUtil.Run" command to support any file format called For example: SystemUtil.Run "C: testfile.txt"
Priya Rajan, I agree with your answer.


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