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Hi all,

Can anyone throw light on the importance of ISTQB certificaion in IT. Does it really help in career growth as a QA...??? Is it equally good for experienced professionals..??

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NO, I don't think so it is a fruitful in all cases. Suppose you're NOT from computer background BUT you are going to put your step in IT industry ( especially Software Testing ) then this ISTQB  certification would be helpful for your career growth and your theoretical fundamental would be strong enough. and still it's NOT direct meaning that you are equivalent to experience person.

I've seen one thing in many walk-in interview wherein it has crowd of hundred candidates, that time HR people sort out with the persons who has such type of certification.       

ISTQB is waste of time and money. And it's not same as experience. If I had to interview person, who has ISTQB, and 0 day of experience, and person with 1 year experience, I'd (most likely) rather recommend the later one. Actually - when I interview someone, I don't even check the certificates. I'm more interested how he reacts to different questions, what he really know about different areas, how passionate he is to testing, how he reacts to changes, does he really want to learn plenty of new stuff which is useful at testing, how creative he is... and so on. 

I really hope that someone removes existence of whole ISTQB. It does teach only a bit of useful things, it does not teach anything about reality, it is mostly just the glossary, which you can learn other ways much cheaper and quicker. 

Thanks Rakesh and Teemu for the reply... I am having 1.7 yrs of exp in Manual Testing in a CMMI Level 5 Org. But still what i have observed during interviews that most comp prefer guys with ISTQB certification. Suppose in an interview there are 2 guys having same exp in similar kind of comp but if one is having ISTQB certification he will get preference.So, m planning to take this exam next month just to get my resume shortlisted with ISTQB certified guys as one can present/prove his technical knowledge only if he gets shortlisted and gets a call for interview.Further, I am sure HR people are unaware of the technical details.. they only go after the logo on the resume.. :P

This was just my point of view... Please feel free and do come up with your suggestions... 

I agreed with You,Its  generally an requirement,There is no harm if u go for certification,

But remember it will help you only  for  shortlisting your resume.

I agree with all your points however I would like mention one thing that If the person is ISTQB Certified then it assumes that he has a common understanding about software testing which is used worldwide.

Dhanraj has used very good word "assume" in his last comment, they are just assuming that ISTQB certified person has  knowledge of ST industry but I've seen many ISTQB certified person who even don't know the difference between static testing & dynamic testing.

If you have done engineering and supposed studied a subject of 'Software Engineering' ( I referred of Roger Pressman) then it's cool to get the overall idea about software testing field.

ISTQB REX blackbook has very in depth theoretical topics/glossary, so sometime it might be hard to understand the concept.   


ISTQB certification cleared... :)

congrats :)

Hi Sudhansu,

First of all congratulations on clearing the certification. Now you definitely got an edge over others.

ISTQB certification forum is an outcome of many fruitful and dedicated minds working behind the universal Software Testing and Quality Analysis. Now, one has the question like you is it valuable or not.

This certainly depends on one's perspective. A son of a farmer does not need any certification on how to do farming and all. But, at the same time, if the son want to grow and gain more, that too will further gain, no harm in learning new and latest agriculture technology. Certification in Software Testing (ISTQB or so), is something like that.

As you have now cleared ISTQB, you understand it better that how much the syllabus is diverse and reconnoitered among the entire software testing industry around the world. This itself gives and shows the importance and value of certification.

And remember, be it ISTQB or any other certification in this worlds, they are surely made to enhance the knowledge and fundamental concepts to streamline the process. And hence, it is completely dependent on the person who takes over the certification, "How to Implement the gained knowledge in real-time".

Finally, just ask one question to yourself,

If in the giant IT industry, why does someone ask you to have a certification?


Why do you get an edge over others when you have an (ISTQB) certification?

Sudhansu, If you could answer this "WHY", then I think you are known to the answer, you asked the question for. :-)

Get ready for the Advance level as well. All The Best.


Hi Maulik,

Thanks for your time and effort which you have invested for resolving my query. I do agree with your views that it depends on an individual How he extracts best out of any certification ? and most important How he implements gained knowledge practically ? Surely I'll try my best to apply whatever i have gained and will prepare for advance level and other certifications as well... :)

Why don't you answer for yourself? Would you value a certification that has only 40 multiple choice questions with a very low pass-rate? 

The ISTQB Foundation level exam is not valued anymore. Try appearing for more challenging ones like: CSTE, CSTQ, CSTM.

Obviously I had some visibility of this answer before even starting this thread but " IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO ASK THEN TO ASSUME" and we should always be open for suggestions and discussions.

Further, If this is a certification that has only 40 multiple choice questions with a very low pass-rate then WHY we frequently came across these lines in JD "ISTQB CERTIFICATION WILL BE PREFERRED "or "PROFESSIONAL TESTING CERTIFICATIONS LIKE ISTQB WILL BE A PLUS"  ???


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