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Importance of English and Communication Skills for a Tester

Hello Folks,
I have been with this group for more than a year and I feel that most of the queries asked by members are not well structured, many times contain grammatical mistakes and poor understanding of what needs to be put in a query.
So my point here is as a Manual Tester / Tester, one needs to understand how important part a query formation is. It should not be complex but should be able to convey your understanding and message.
otherwise replies part increases every now and then and main motive of that question remains aside as everyone understand the question differently.
So this is an urge to put any query / test case / comment in a well structured manner. this will provide you better prospects in your company and future.
Awaiting for Replies! And What do you feel about this?

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Nice point. Worth a lot.

It happens most of the times that, the person is trying to ask something else and other interprets it differently.

I know "communication" is very important not only just being a tester but in our daily life too. I feel its a gradual process for new testers - as they are very excited and seek help. In this they try their best but could not match with others. I'd like to highlight one point over here that "we should help them anyhow".

Three aspects of communication - it should be simple, clear and concise.

Try to use spell checker tools initially. That helps a lot.

Shirish - as you've initiated this topic so I urge you that - you question should not appear clustered. If possible try to edit it, which will make it easier for others to read.

Best Regards,


testing is my passion!!!
grammatical mistakes and poor understanding

for solve this problem must be attach screenshots and disscuss isssues points axample:
1- When open page .... then click on .... button
2- Div .... will open
3- Error page appears .....
issue must be clear for anybody, if he doesn't work at IT

for your question : What do you feel about this?
i will be exposed to embarrassed situation that issues not clear for programmers and developers.
Hi Sirish,
Thank you for bringing up what could be a sensitive topic. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for any of you that are using English as a second language. Even those of us that use English as our first language often have difficulties describing a bug or asking a technical question that makes sense.

I'm a member of many different Software and Test communities and subscribed to many blogs on QA and Software Test topics. I can't keep up with all of them. I tend to spend less time on this site because I find there are often a lot of spelling and grammatical errors and it tends to weaken the quality of the overall community experience.

I'm not suggesting that everything needs to be perfect -- I know I make many spelling and grammatical mistakes myself, even though English is my first (and only!) language. But I think if people can post with care, using a spell-checker and ensuring their postings are clear of any obvious errors, it will go a long way in improving the credibility and reputation of the community at large. When the topic itself is "quality" you want to make sure that you are demonstrating that in your communication.
Very good point my friend.

As tester allways communication is simple and explainable to all very quickly.
I am really thankful to all who already replied to this discussion. I'll appreciate it more if we together will try to make a habit to check / improve our english vocabulary and english query formation.

Thank you all again!
Hi All,

As per the topic discussion, my suggestion is to use Ms-Word always before posting any query directly in the forum. Please type your query in the word document there we can find the spelling mistake of words.

Thanks Shirish for raising this question. Communication skill is required for each and every tester.
Good Discussion,
I will try to improve myself

i am facing the same problem

my communication skills are not so good,

but as a tester u should have a good communication skill

it will help us to raise our query clearly
and also while we communicate with team and client.

So i strongly feel as a tester we should have a strong communication skill

I Agree and see if this also holds true -->http://www.qualitytesting.info/forum/topics/avoiding-simple-fundame...

Emphasizing the word "Simple" in the thread pointed by the link.
Hi Shirish,
This is indeed a very helpful discussion, thanks for initiating this. Communication is very very important, not only for testers, everybody who interact in day to day business. Most often people confuse communication with vocabulary. Communication is letting the other person know about your feelings, and you need not always have a great vocab to do that. I am not telling it's unnecessary to develop vocab, but I always believe in putting things simpler.

Although bulk of my education happened in English medium, it was only in my PU I learnt fair English. Not by going to classes or any book, but by listening to my lecturers speak, listening to cricket commentary. Please make this a habit - Listen!!!. The more you listen to some one speaking good language, the most you are benefited. Read English newspapers and try understand the sentence construction they use for a typical scenario, this is easy and definite help, I followed the same thing.

Remember - Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.

All the best,
Hi friend,

I agreed your point. Communication skills are very important for testers. Especially when they are preparing Test Cases, Test Plan, Bug Reporting and Communicate with Clients. If some body goes to America, England any other English Country. They can automatically develops their skills. Because they don't have any other ways to fullfil the basic needs. My opinion is every day we have to read english news paper. We should make this as a habbit and try to speak in english with our friends and other circle. Then we can easily get the flow of speech. Thank you.
I agree with you, it all depends on his/her passion towards work.


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