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Cognitive thinking helps in changing fortunes, software testing demands such a quality, what are the foot steps to achieve this quality?

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I am not sure if this quality can be learned entirely. Some people are born with this quality while others try to replicate it to some extent. Conceptual thinking is a great skill to have and people who do usually see their career progress to senior level management positions. 


If you are bent on achieving this quality, then try to engage in forums like these where you are presented with various questions from other professionals and try to answer them to the best of your abilities. There are some good forums on LinkedIn as well that you can subscribe to. 



The number of scenarios are directly proportional to the quality .

To generate maximum and valid scenarios you should know the test design techniques .

It is good practice, try to use all the techniques to create scenarios.

This can be one way to improve the quality.


-S Sarita.

yes i agree with u


why we do automation testing after application get stablity stage.



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