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I am not able to differentiate  between low level and normal recording mode.

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Recording normaly it cant record deeply but where using low level recording it cpature the single movement of mouse and keyboard for example using l.r we capture the backspace of the word

 It records the Physical properties of the objects hence can recognize them easily during playback... 

     We can use Low Level Recording if the exact coordinates of the object are important for the test or component.

In Normal recording mode: QTP will try and identify object at specific granularity Eg- WinEdit, WinButton etc.

In Low level recording mode:QTP uses generic objects like Window and WinObject.

In Analog  recording mode: QTP will record all mouse movements as well, (for replay; this is useful when we are recording on an application like MSPaint.)

Hope this helps you.



I agree wid Harsha...nice reply

HIi SomaSekhar

Read the my Attachment file to difference between Recording modes.



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