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If the client identified some bugs to whom did he reported?

Suppose, client found some errors in the project / product. Whom did he reported?

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If client found some issues then he reported list of issues to Project Manager.
And Project manager look up into task of QA and devloper and informed by mail to responsible QA/Devloper/Module lead.
Client will report to the Project Manager. Project Manager will arrange a meeting with all the leads (Dev. Manager, Test Lead and Requirement Manager) then raise a Change Request and then, identify which all the screens are going to be impacted by the bug. They will take the code and correct it and send it to the Testing Team.
Client will log that bug into defect tracking system. Then QA/QC will verify that bug and will conclude that whether its a bug or not. If its a bug then developer will work on that bug. If its not a bug then it will be considered as an enhancement. For enhancement, development can be done after confirmation from client.
- The above answer is in context to what procedure we are following in our company. It may differ from company to company and project to project.
Client reports the bug in the Defect tracking tool, later he reports to PM.
Then PM calls for short time meeting withe QA & Development team. & verify that bug whether its a bug or not, If its abug then developer fixes it and again work on it forward to QA team to retest. if the validation is done then its considered as enhancement for later version with client.

although the client reports the bug to PM; question will come immediately towards PM that why this bug did not catch by testing team?
it may cause sever effects on the running of projects. This could be considered as one of the project Risks.

1. First Client will report bug to Support team
2. Support team will forward to PM team, development team and Testing team
3. PM will arrange meeting with dev leads and test leads. These people will decide how the bug is,
4. Mean while testing people will rise a bug
5. If it is P1 bug, immediately they will arrange EBF and release the bug immediately, based the client urgency


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