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If test plan scheudle has not come,but build has came we will start execution or not

Hi Friends

i have faced this question in interview

what are the stages in testing lifecycle

i said 1)testplan2) test desgin 3) testexecution 4) result analysis 5) bug Reporting

if testplan has not come but build has come u will execute the testcases or wait till the

testplan to come


1)other than this stages any other stages in testing lifecycle?

2) after testplanning is over only we will start testcase execution pls clarify this questions?


Thanks In advance


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thanks for all of u for ur responses

Hi Padmavathi,

If possible can u post all the questions whatever u faced in Interview.Definitely it would be helpful to many ppl who are in trails.Its great help to all.Thanks in advance



Aparna S




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