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If test plan scheudle has not come,but build has came we will start execution or not

Hi Friends

i have faced this question in interview

what are the stages in testing lifecycle

i said 1)testplan2) test desgin 3) testexecution 4) result analysis 5) bug Reporting

if testplan has not come but build has come u will execute the testcases or wait till the

testplan to come


1)other than this stages any other stages in testing lifecycle?

2) after testplanning is over only we will start testcase execution pls clarify this questions?


Thanks In advance


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hi,see without test plan nobody will go for writing or execution of test cases coz without test plan how can u decide what type of testing to carry out,who has to carry out and for how long,so these q's are answered by test plan, so test plan is the vital doc for testing....hope i've cleared atleast some of ur doubts....thanks

1-test initiation/strategy
2-test plan
3-test design
4-test execution
5-test report
6-test closure

YOU can not execute test case before plan because you have not any test cases before test plan.
in test plan phase you have to consider different like
modules name,modules to be tested,modules not to be tested,test approach,entry criteria,suspension criteria,exit criteria,test deleverable,work allocation,
AND AFTER THAT TEST DESIGN PHASE COMES in which you have to create test scenario and test case

Hi pravin

what is test initation phase r strategy phase ? what are the roles involved in it?

what this stage contains?

Thanks in advance


In this phase project manager will develop test strategy or test methodalogy by concerning overall project.
Test strategy ID
Scope and objective
Business issues
Roles and responsibility
Test responsibility matrix
Automation tools
Defect report format
Risk analysis
Training sessions

Test planning is the predessor of test execution and test design, hence its always advisable to follow the hierarchy.

Well to satisfy interviewer (if they are looking at an Exp.candidate to decide how the person reacts to overcome the Time Waste ), answer will be yes "by executing the Major Testcases (which will be part of the any Plan for sure)".

Thanks for ur response

vamshi timebeing i said yes only in the interview ,but i dont know it is correct r not, bcoz i dont know the realtime .so i want clarify in the realtime bulids will come before testplans r not.

if testplan is delay we can proceed to execution r not  pls explain it may be helpful for me in next interview

Thanks in advance


Happy Diwali first :), I dont know about all organisations.. coming to my comp. process, yes we do execute.. see process varies from comp. to comp. We don't write a Plan for each version at startup... but we know what testcases we need to execute so we dont wait for PLAN to come exclusively... it reaches us in middle if there is any change in PLAN....I agree most of the QT members will disagree :) and they are welcome :)

Hi Vamshi,

For the first version ,Do we need to wait for Test plan release?


Thanks in advance.

Suresh ch

Obviously... you have to wait for the first version(to be clear if that's a brand new product rather than the next version of the existing)..


NOTE: I am saying all these about how to say YES to an interviewer :)

Thanks Vamshi,

I am clear with your explanation.

My pleasure if I helped you in any way..


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