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If one of the bug Find by you ? but same bug it didn't find on developer computer ? what would you do ?

 Pl If any know this answer tell me . 


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Hi Lokhande...

When you found a bug and developer is not able reproduce it on his system please do the below things

  1. Check the version you have in QA and Developer has
  2. If both the versions are same, then provide the steps to him in details to what to do step by step and also clearly mention that what you are doing before every click.. ex: entering data into few fields and kind of data you entered, selecting data from drop downs
  3. Still if he is not able to reproduce, then check the OS, Browser, version of the browser etc…
  4. If still the issue is not reproducible, go to developer’s desk and try to reproduce
  5. Still if you are not able to reproduce, then check in your QA once again to find the cause of the issue.. if you could find it why it is only happening in QA ( there might be, build deployment issue, or data issue etc…)
  6. Still if you are not able to find the right cause.. then add a comment saying that, still this issue occurs in QA environment but not in Dev leave it open till end of the project and have a discussion with BA, PM and come to a conclusion on what to do with that ( final solution might be, leaving it OPEN or Closed with agreement between all the parties)

 All.. please add your comments if you feel still we can do it in better way than what I came up with.


Thanks a lot Ramesh

good ans

thank you .thanks a lot

Hi Lokhande,

               I would like to add another point , is the bug cant be produced in the development side ,at that time better record that bug in camcorder in the testing side and inform to the development team.



I go with Ramesh's answer,

1. Need to have product version check and the browser version.

2. The test steps should be precise and clear.

3. Try to reproduce it on developer's machine.

4. Else discuss the issue with your head by taking the severity of the bug into consideration.

5. The best way to show the proof is as  Alligatortek said, record the bug (using camcorder or Snagit) which will help.

ya all the above friends said is rit.... first thing if u get a pblm lik this u can sure abt one thing that is browser compatibility 75% this would be the main reason dont look much more.... developers might use the java scripts in the coding level in some of the browser it could not allowed so that also might be a reason......actually this is a pblm i too got when testing... so sharing my real time example......


If Tester is finding any Bug, Few things should be clear

1. Title,Steps to Reproduce,Expected Result, Actual Result of the bug should be clear and understanding.short

2. Provide all types of Logs/screenshot in case GUI bug/video recording of bug which is very important.

3. Provide Reference document(section, Page no.)  for functionality and UI related issue.

4. Check for Build version in both Testing and Development environment if bug is not reproducible.

5. Browser and Operating System version will come into picture when you r testing Web application.In case if you are testing product like Mobile etc Browser/OS version is not required.

Will check where the descrepancies, at my end or developer end.May be the software compatibilty issue.

Will reproduce it from the starting steps. Sure will able to answer the pronblem.

I have this happen sometimes...   You have to figure out if this is an evironment issue, yours is different from the developers.  Is is a database issue?  You might be on a server somewhere and they are on a stand alone db.  I have had this happen before.   If you find a bug and it can be repeated on someone elses machine (not the developers) then it is a bug and needs to be fixed.  Steps to repeat, everything, from the db, the specific settings you have on your machine, to the settings in the software. 



Ask the product owner to take the decision.


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