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If Defect is not reproduciable wat we have to do how we convince DEV.......shall we report that as a Defect


If Defect is not reproducible what we have to do how we convince DEV.......shall we report that as a Defect

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f the defect is not reproducible,then the status should be "CLOSED".

Appropriate Comments should be given by the developer such as"The above issue is not replicable".

QA Engineer need to crosscheck the Defect,if the issue does not exists then QA Engineer should close the issue with closed status


Well, you try your best to reproduce it, and if you can't, you take a long think and consider how such a problem might arise. If you still have no idea, then there's not much you can do about it than CLOSING IT.


1. Sometimes it may be an environment issue between Dev and QA Environment, so need to check that one also.

2. Either it should not be a defect or may be requirement is not clear, so need to check that one also.

if everything is correct then best thing is closed a defect as not reproducible.

we will attach server log/application related to that bug,with that log file we will report the bug


You visit the below link for more Information on Defect management:


intially the Tester should find what type of Bug whether , (Gui Issues ,Functional Issues and Configurartion ) issue.

Tester Should try to reproduce the bug with different scenarios and if its not reproducible , Discuss with Team Peopes ,
the Developer should add the Comments "Not reproduce" ,Resolution of the bug maintain as "No Change required"
The above status are based on "Bug Posting Tool"

Based on Developer comments and Issue Should move to close Status

Why convince a dev, are they product owners?

Don't care for Dev, seek your product owner!

If bug is not reproduciable from testing side same bug occurs on cilent side.. Dev have to check Error log and Event log and then check the steps one by one see how the Bugs occurs.. 90 % of bugs can be resolved and bugs can reproduced from that..


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