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If a User is online in that case Admin Should have the right to delete that User....????



 Hello Guys I am seeking a valuable comment from You all over this topic:-


The Question is Suppose there is a User who is Online in that case Admin can delete that User..??

In Our case Admin can delete and as soon as User gets deleted all of the details about the user is not displayed on his profile page but still he is able to do all those things for which login is required....?

 I have a bit of confusion that " how should I report this issue" ......... and What should be the expected behaviour in this case......???




Samrat Jha.

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Once user is deleted when Online, the user account shall be de-activated and Admin owns the right to take the next action Activate/Delete.

Expected: User is not de-activated once deleted when online.


What id the User is deleted by mistake? This happens in organizations where NEW admins mess with things mistakenly. Recent my friend has faced this problem. So better maintain interim states as "Activate & De-Activate"


In My case the point is that the user is online and of course Admin can delete the user but in my personal view if the user is online then Admin should be at least warned at the time of deleting the user and as soon as User gets deleted thereafter if user clicks anywhere or performs any activity , he/she should be logged out.

I agree...Admin should be warned before deleting it and the particular user session should be expired. If possible the ownership/Policy privileges associated with that user should be moved by Admin(if Admin is willing to transfer)


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