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Can anyone plz explain me what is IEEE 829 Standard  in testing?

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 IEEE Stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering .. and IEEE 829 Standard is an Standard for software test documentation ...   This standard specifies the Format of almost 8 testing artifacts named :

  1) Test Plan 

  2) Test Design Spec.

  3) Test Case Spec.

  4) Test Procedure 

  5) Test Item Transmittal report.

  6) Test Log

  7) Test Incident Report.

  8) Test Summary Report ...

 It has its own format for above documents which is widely accepted...

Format of every document can be found in " Foundation of Software Testing " Rex Black...


For better understanding You can visit : http://www.coleyconsulting.co.uk/IEEE829.htm ..



Samrat Jha..

thnx samrat...i ll go through it.



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