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I am in need of a Complete Test Matrix Report. It would be good if any one can share it if you have.

I will be thankful to you. Expecting your help friends..




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QC Resources NAME Hours Start End
Test Lead:  XXX 144 09/08/10 09/08/10
Test Specialist: XXX 188 08/02/10 09/08/10
Test Specialist: XXX 160 08/02/10 08/27/10
Test Specialist: XXX 64 08/30/10 09/08/10
Total Testing Effort (hours):   556    
QC Effort as % of Dev Effort:   79%    
Project Metrics:        
Project Function Points, if available:         
Type of Test Cases Written Executed Modified
Number of Functional Test Cases: 57 56 0
Number of System Test Cases: 0 111 0
Test Case Maintenance:        
  With the completion of this project 57 reusable test cases were created or modified 
  for your application with a cost of  651 QC hours for the entire QC engagement.
To maintain the value and reusability of these test cases, QC must be involved in all future
code/business requirement changes.        


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