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Hi All,

I am Vijay working as a tester in a software company. We are testing the 5 sites regularly in two environments. But i would like to know how to manage this data.

1. How can we get the bugs or issues on particular date?

2. How can we manage the list for separate data file for different sites?

3. How to manage these from two testers?

4. If any new enhancement is required from the date where can we do?

I would like to know these points from the any one of the community.

Ours is start-up company but which has good products related to educational and Elearning.

Thanks & Regards,


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Test management is the feature we can look for in any testing tools if you are in automated testing. I used TestingWhiz and it allows you to manage multiples testing websites. You can check for the tool, may be this tool might be useful. Here's the link - http://www.testing-whiz.com/

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As per my understanding . You need a Defect management system for tracking the bugs on Date wise and want to manage your test data and want to log enhancement . 

Please take a look to JIRA  https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira

You can find your all solution from the single place. In which you can manage the data and find the defect by date wise.

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Hi Vijay,

All of you requirements and keeping futuristic approaches in mind, you should go for an agile project management tool which are being used by most of the software testing companies these days.
Important features of an Agile project management tool are as follows:

1. Progress Visualization
2. Issue Tracking (Bugs/Improvements/User Stories/Tasks)
3. Collaboration
4. Estimation
5. Handling multiple projects

There are lots of free tools available in market e.g. Agilofortrac which is easy to configure and use.


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