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I want  code " Keyword Frame work execution"

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Hi smitha reddy can you please share code on my email id home_tyagi@yahoo.co.in

A framework is an arrangement, you dont need any code.

Understand Architecture then you can create yourself.  I am wondering how many people asked for code.


First understand concept and try to implement.  If you still have questions then post it.  This is how we need to improve.  Avoid asking entire Suite.


hello every one
please send me also on mine id

Hi smitha , please send to this mail id also



hii deepak
please send me  to


pls send keyworddriven framework code.my mail id:mandadapugopi@gmail.com

thanks in advance

HI Smitha,
Plz send me the Keyword driven framework material,My mail id "sujayshome@gmail.com"




Sujay Kumar Shome


can u please send me the keyword driven Driver script code . This is my mail id


thanks in advance

Highest no. of Views for this post :)

Its better to show case a real demo on how to execute a "Keyword driven framework".

Before come to my demo prepare yourself on below things:

1. How to create a function in QTP

2. How to use Excel COM (I hate DataTable personally)

I will show below things during Demo:

1. How to create a Driver Script and calling Test Suite (Using AOM)

2. High level explanation of Test Script (contains Keywords)

3. Dynamic calling of Framework

Register here: http://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=E059DF88804C


can anybody please send me the keyword driven execution code . This is my mail id f.baig23@gmail.com


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