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Hi, i am working as a test engg in techsoft technologies,bangalore. in this company i am only the test engg. it is a product based company (i.e call billing software).it is a Telecom Domain. so i need help to write testcases and testcase execution

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Before writing the test cases we should known the functinality of the application. By using the use cases or requirement document you should write your test case like

S.No, TestCase ID, Scenario, Test case, test case description, Test steps, step description, Expected result, Actual result, Pass or fail, Req ID, Defect ID. 

By using these coloumns you can write ur test cases based on your application requirements.

Format of Standard Test Cases
Below is format of a standard login Test case

Test Case ID Test Scenario Test Steps Test Data Expected Results Actual Results Pass/Fail

1. During test case execution, you will document the results observed in the Actual Results column and may even attach some screen shots and based on the results give PASS & FAIL status.
2. This entire table may be created in Word, Excel or any other Test management tool.That's all to Test Case Design.

While drafting a test case do include the following information:

1. The description of what requirement is being tested.
2. The explanation of how the system will be tested.
3. The test setup like: version of application under test, software, data files, operating system, hardware, security access, physical or logical date, time of day, prerequisites such as other tests and any other setup information pertinent to the requirements being tested.
4. Inputs and outputs or actions and expected results.
5. Any proofs or attachments.
6. Use active case language.
7. Test Case should not be more than 15 steps.


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