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Am 2008 mca passed out .I dont have a real time exp on testing i have learn testing in hyd.i want to keep 3+ years o exp on testing & my  problem is how to keep a project inmy cv as of an exp person?? all of my frnds wil say they will fwd some resumes copy from dat and paste it 2 ur cv.but i think it will not work in interviews due 2 i dont have minimal knowledge on those projects??  some will dont keep domain based projects & some will say keep  normal basic web application related projects...Believe it or not i wasted 2 years of time for this thing..

suggest me how 2 keep or search ?

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need answer ???

Anand, I don't want to be rude, but you need to learn good documentation skills to work as QA. They way you explained your problem, is not very clear for the reader. One will have to read to 2-3 times to understand it.

Regarding your question above....seriously, I didn't understand what do you want to keep or search.

If you could explain your problem in clear/concise manner, it is very likely to get more responses...Just a suggestion :-)


Thanku sandeep I wil try 2 correct it .Actually my problem was how 2 keep projects in my profile? 

Anand, see what ever u put in cv first prepare yourself with it..bcz interviewer neither knows how the project works. They come to conclusion on the way u express it.. dont go for domain specific if u dont have knowledge on that domain..my suggestion will be for WebApp. Collect some projects and prepare qstns for yourself and start search.... I will help u if needed......give me ur id...

Hi vamshi

I need your help regarding this & my id is asuri.anandsagar@gmail.com

hello vamshi

I need your help for manual testing. plz help me


Agreed with Vamshi.Interviewer doesn't know about your project,

he may only observe how you express you experience,

He may ask you some process based questions on project.

ex: 1)What type of defects you found in your project.

      2)What are the challenging things you faced in your testing carrier?

      3)What type of testing you carried out in your project?

      4)What was the test environment of your project?

      5)If requirements are not ready no documentation then what approach you will use?

      6)How you start testing ? or Testing process in your company?

       7)Roles and responsibilities in your project

       8)If you mentioned Daily status report in your responsibilities then he may ask how you prepare it? is it an verbally or you have to feed in the system?

       9)What will you do if developer rejects an defect?

       10)What will you do if defect is not reproduce in devloper environment ?

Many More




Hi Ajay,it will be more helpful if u also provide answers for these questions.

Hello Soumya,

Search QT forume you will find most of the question in this forume.

But i am not going to assure you interviewer may ask you these questions only,

he may ask any real time scenario to judge where you are genuine or not.

Hello Team,

First of all I don't recommend people keep fake project in resume.  Don't think interviewer don't know anything about your projects.  I have 12 years exp and working as a QA Manager in leading consulting company.  In my career I have taken many interviews (in Hyderabad, Bangalore, USA) and easily caught people who put fake experience.


There are many companies (company size <100) need QA people with strong Manual Testing and good exposure to Open Source tools (like FitNesse, Selenium etc).  You can try as a Fresher in these.  Avoid all tension in background check etc.

If you learn any automation tool then please learn in depth.  If you have any questions I can clarify.

If you still need any training I can give you.  I don't need money surely :)  All the best.


Hello Subbu,

Thank you for the above information.

is it possible to talk with you on phone? Actually, I am facing trouble to enter into testing domain.




Hi subbu 

Thanx for the info.How can i get u by mail r call? my id is asuri.anandsagar@gmail.com


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