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i found the bug and i assigned to the developer,bt developr says it not a bug ,then wats is the next step to be taken??

brief the answer in steps.



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check whether the defect you raised is valid or not,

if the bug is working in dev environment then we need permission to access it in QA env,

and check if this bug is already rised by some one and it was already fixed. 

if developer says its wrkin and says to close ,will u close it??

What proofs do you have to claim it a bug and what not your developers has to claim its not a bug?


You need permissions to access QA environment???

if it was fixed, the defect has to be re-opened.

 If you want the Developer to accept your defect then  Being a tester you must have the Steps to Reproduce the defect and You should have the Screenshots , Video Captures etc to Prove your defect ...

As far as closing of a defect is concerned .. Only testers have the privilege to Close the defects .. 

ok i sent bug with proofs wat i have taken ,even though the developer is unable to resolve then waht hes going to do?

 Firstly you said that the Dev is not willing to Accept your defect but Now you say , Dev is unable to resolve ..   what is the actual scene ..?? If he is unable to resolve then the same will be assigned to any other developer ...  and if Dev is not accepting the issue then report the same to your TL and let him talk to his counter part...

okies brooo:) thanks fr ur gud explanation :) now,i got a calrity.

The job of a tester is to identify and log bugs. Attach the necessary screen shots, videos and instructions on how to reproduce the bug. If it is a bug with high severity and high priority then the developer just has to find a way to fix it. It is always fun to put the developer in a fix. Your job as a tester is to log the bug along with necessary evidence. It's not your job to worry about how the developer will fix a bug.

You can discuss with you seniors like TL,SSE then based on the discussion u can close the defect as my knowledge.

If the issue is genuine any impact will affect on major functionality u can open..

I am a staunch supporter of having a dedicated QA test environment. This is necessary so that suitable test data can be created and a tester doesn't have to use the production databases. The developer will not test the application wholeheartedly and will limit his testing to unit testing. A bug reproduced in the QA environment may not even appear in the development environment. Never listen to developers as far as identifying bugs are concerned. A developer only has limited domain knowledge and never likes the testers taking out faults with his work. As a tester you must use your own judgement and domain knowledge when identifying a bug. Always log a bug and give details like screen shots and even videos on how to reproduce the bug. Make logical arguments about your findings and discuss with your fellow testers. Read any support documentation that the client may have sent like emails or updated requirements documents.

Developer can reject bug if he/she is unable to reproduce. so follow proper step to mention bug along with screen shot attachment. if bug is genuine & in this case developer deny that this is not a bug.  write to mail his/her tL. your tl will discuss with development TL. if they say that is not a bug then take a written sign off from developer end for further if this bug open from client side so u can see the sign off document

First u have to check it once again in ur system again it is reproduced u have to take screenshots .and also check this requirement in requirement document it is must .after that u have to mail it to ur TL and Dev persons.........


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