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I am using seleium rc 1.0.3 but i am unable to run scripts on safari brower

what changes do I need to amke


scripts run Safari brwser in Selenium

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Try to turn off pop-up blocking in Safari - in Safari menu, de-select “Block Pop-Up Windows”. There's a problem in Selenium RC that does not allow it to start Safari if its pop-up blocker is on
I tried doing that still the problem persists

Can give little more details as what error you see on Safari,

As per my guess i think the problem is with the profile with which safari gets loaded.

Create your own profile and specify profile path in your script.

let me if it works

Think you are talking about javascripts. Are you able to run scripts in any other browser? If not show your code for running javascript. Also take a look at this - http://www.testrepublic.com/profiles/blogs/increase-the-chance-of-your




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