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How you will Estimation time for testing the application ?

Estimation time will differ firm to firm plz share your firm experience in this discussion. Thanks in Advance!

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how many running modes in qtp
Agile Can follow simple technique like Planning Poker http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planning_poker
@ Aghijeet

are you following Agile methodology ?
Yes Shakthi
Hi Abhee,
I just wanna a Info about Agile/Scrum..If i want to Implement this Methodolgy or SDLC Cycle,then is it necessary for company to take this Certification? if Yes then from where or by which process we can apply for the Same? if not,then can we implement just following the Rules of the Agile/Scrum Process ?

Waiting for your positive reply..coz it's veryyyy Necessary for me ...

Your company should be flexible to adapt to Agile and move out from the Dependence of the Standard SDLC process completely.
Ailge complements SDLC, you will have to make sure apart from your Company, your customer and all Stakeholders (Internal and External) also abide by the principles of Agile.
Your company need not have to be certified, however they should know what Agile is !
Ohhh!!! Reallyyyy Thank You So Very Much Saju.... because i had a Major doubt that ,the Companies have to be Certified for this.

Thanks A Lot...


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