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How you will Estimation time for testing the application and What process you use for it?


Can any one reply to my question, How you will Estimation time for testing the application and What process you use for it?


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1. Review the FS
2. Count how many test cases can be developed for each requirement
3. How much time takes to write test case for each requirement (in minitues).
4. Review time (if needed)
5. 1st iteration execution time, to execute each test case how much time takes (in minitues).
6. 2nd iteration execution time, to execute each test case how much time takes (in minitues).
7. caliculate minutes by hours and hours by days (in days).

you will get final count in Days.
the following are the process of estimating the time for testing the application.

By using metrics and classify the work,
work breakdown method
Functional Point Analysis.
Wideband approach
Estimation for testing activity in the project can also done based on Activity wise effort distribution goal of your organization. Something like 10% [of total efforts] for Req. gathering, 10% for prototyping, 25% for design, 30% for development, 15% for Testing, etc... These are just sample values & they differ from company to company.

So, whenever we have a normal development project with Testing as part of the project, the efforts taken to complete whole project will be estimated using some estimation techniques like Fp, Delphi, Bottom-up, etc.. and a % of total efforts will be allocated to Testing.

If it's a complete Testing project, then we go with estimating the testing cycles, what are all the types of testing to be done on the application, etc..
I agree with Senthil.
appreciate senthil reply.
valuable information.
Hi Madhu,

Can you explain about work breakdown method & Wideband approach detaily, with examples.If you have Materials can you forward me.
The two primary elements in test estimation are time and resources.
Your estimation needs to take both into account.
The value of the application to your customers and your company?
modules or functionalities with their complexity will be tested
How many testers are available to test them?
Number of test iterations (test runs) will be required to complete the test project?
Time to retest the bugs which are fixed by developers has to be tested again for correct functionality and for regression testing
Preparation of documents and reports do come under this Estimation
Application = Req

Normally per day 8tcases u can design.(Normal Requirement)
8 hours/day.
1 hour / testcase.
but there are aspects like tcase review internal(0.50), Tc update internal(0.25), Client review(0,75) & implementation of client review (0.50)review.hence entirely it takes 3hours for a Correct development of a normal test case.
Test case execution other phase and time spent will be differnt here 6-8 tcases/day if it is System testcase & 14-16 Testcases if it is negative testcase.
Yes you are right krishna..
But i am having one more concern, how does we analyze that how many test case will be developed for the particular functionality...
case1: If no requirement are given.. no idea about the application.
caaw2: If the requirement are given..
can you please explain with example..


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