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Common scenario, some time we will also face this: Suppose client wants the feature very urgently. He told to testing team to complete work with in 5 days. What testing team will do, how testing team will solve this issue.

Please remember – Customer / Client satisfaction is important

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a single line answer to this->

smart - > focused - > approach will solve this.
Hi Ruchi,

I agree with Shirish, but the underling fact is Stretch -> Stress and Complete is the funda.

There will be lot of dependencies w.r.t delivery.

I think we need to prioritize the test cases accordingly w.r.t the deadlines :)
Hi Ruchi,
In this case
i) we have to select important section as per functionality.
ii) Also choose important functionality test case as per application and excute them first.
iii) Choose such test case which covers most of the functionality but takes minimum time.

if user is able to execute 80% test cases then we can say that it is ready to release.
we can latter execute other minor testcase in next release or version.

Way of testing will be categorized in to two part:
a) high priority
b) low priority

Testing will be focus on high priority features (check functionality shouldn't break) and make to do our customer satisfy
selecttion of important test cases depends upon priority which based the application functionality,
Hi Ruchi,

To release the feature urgently within small duration,

-- Risk analysis should be done at the first stage by Test manager. If risk is high then deadline might be extend.

-- For lower or medium risk, before start with testing understand the requirement properly, use domain expert resource for testing if possible, create scenario as per requirement, prioritize the test cases, execute the high priority test cases first, log the bug properly, get it fix till its not closed.

After all its a team work so developer should also know the funcationality properly otherwise bugs at the unit testing phase creates multiplication of bugs in other testing phase.



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