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This question is ask by an interviewer when he is hiring a senior QA person  that how you can improve our organization QA processes ( A QA team already working in the organization). Please pass your comments 

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First one should know their organisation structure..depending on that one can say his ideas to improve.

Manan to improve any Process whether it's QA or Software Development related you have to study the exisiting process in details, then you need to study different metrics to find the variation in the process like we use mostly seven quality control tools to measure the processess then we find root causes of the problem and finnaly derive the appropriate measure to improve the process.
1. Go through the each requirement carefully.
2. Preapare a RTM so that you will become assure that all the requriements are captured properly.
3. Prepare test cases as per the requirement captured.
4. Get a knowledge on the application before start testing. (Because functionality should be known before starting the testing of any application)
5. Prepare document containting all the application knowledge.
6. Have a couple of round of review. (help you as well as others to understand the functionality)
7. Capture requirement change consistently.
8. Start testing and try all possible ways.

Apart from these the most important thing is tester should have good knowledge of concepts and application, which help to improve QA process


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