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How will you test manually if you have more than 1000 of data?"

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Would you like to elaborate your question please?

It will be great help of u to understand the question in depth.

Thanking you


~Dhanraj Gore

Suppose , there were thousand of test cases then how to test manually, what kind of testing technique you use for it... 

first  classify the testcases into three categories like

1)user level

2)functional level

3)DB level

Then Priortize the testcases for each level . some testcases may interlink with each other . Identify those cases , in some conditions  execution of one testcase may produce the result for 'n' testcases.

use combinations to test such as orthoganly array and pairwise testing

Sudarshan - Your response would be appropriate only for small QA enterprises. Large organizations have different teams possessing different skill levels for each kind of testing. For instance: User level testing is most commonly defined as Business Acceptance Testing (in most Fortune 500 organizations) and has a different test team than a team identified to test the functional level test cases. 

Avunoori - If there are 1000 test cases, then I would do the following:

1. Rationalize the test cases. (It could very well be that I am running duplicates across the board here, so the first step would be to eliminate the redundancy).

2. After test case rationalization, link each remaining test case to the business priority. (This can be achieved by referring to the Requirements document or by reviewing the test cases with the BA to determine the overall customer impact to the system).

3. Use risk-based testing approach to first execute the high priority test cases and then if time permits, move down to the low priority ones.

4. Once you have signed off on execution, assemble an automation team to automate the test cases identified in step 1 for future regression purposes.

I am not saying this is a standard approach, but in the banking and finance industry, where the architecture and the requirements are very complex, a creative and an intuitive approach like this always helps (because you will often find yourself strapped of time and resources).

Thanks for ur suggestions

Test cases should be executed based on the priority and severity ..


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