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How will you post a Issue and convince the developer when it can't be reproduced under any circumstances?

Hi all,

I want your opinons/replies regarding this query.

"How will you post a Issue and convince the developer when it can't be reproduced under any circumstances?"

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,

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Hello Sireesha..

In my opinon i will report the issue in Bug tracking tool. If Issue is not reproduced in developer envinroment.. i will request him to do VNC to my system... or i will attached a Video file ...

this requires BUG ADVOCACY skills. you may take the snap shot of the bug during testing at your end.
you can make a small movie of how you reproduced the bug (by recording it)and send it to the developer.
let him know the version of application where you got the error.
let him show the stack trace where the exception details appear(i.e.server log)
what write a report mentioning every minute details of your side when the bug was reproduced (this include changes made by you at your end to test the app.)

Hi Sireesha,

-First of all you can revist the all the testdate and environment and user ids .we have check these things.

- Are you posting bugs in any bug tracking tool, based on the seveority on site fellows willl decide to close the bug if it is not reproduceble.

-My suggestion is always addd snapshot and cookie printer details in the bug tracking tool,this will helpout you this type of situations.
Hi Santosh,Shirish,Satya,
Thanks for your replies.

Best Regards,
HI Mohan,

recently i faced this problem,i have posted a bug with all required data and screenshot and when again i tried testing,i was unable to reproduce the bug,Here my doubt is "How will you convince the developer when it can't be reproduced under any circumstances?"

Best Regards,
Hi Sireesha/-,

Well I would answer it now in a much better way,
1) Advocate the bug from QA facet - Coll,ect screen shots, logs, xml files or configs, video files, VNC or any thing else which can be handy
2) Try to analyze the root cause of the Bug, whether the issue is user specific/environment specific/external systems effect...
3) Explain the importance in terms of business and end user point of you
4) Set up a meeting with the developer
5) Escalate the issues to higher officials
6) Get a written mail from developer
7) Move the issue to Intermittent state and mark it under the Intermittent Issues of release notes
' I face these things every day,
Ex : System crash.

Though I forward the Snaps, logs, configs, xml etc etc, the issues simply gets rejected as it's not reproducible in Dev environment. I simply place all the required info with date and time and send across the e-mail to the distro and would report as blocker. If things work out that's cool or else will mention it as intermittent in release notes and wash off. If the issue is identified in production QA will be applauded ... :) this happened lot of times...

HI Siddiq,

I am much convinced with your reply.I will follow the same from now onwards.I do discuss with the respective developer.But sometimes they feel that i am irritating them.It makes me bit uncomfortable :( .

Best Regards,
Heay champ,
Convincing the dev is an art, you need to master. When you want to convince start with a good note, like Hi, Hello...how are you doing?.. this how my dev folks try to convince me.. but I am very Bad Software Engineer!

Plan your co-ordination prior and prepare..

Thanks Siddiq for your support!!!!! :)

As per my Opinion, we can bank on the VNC - Virtual network computing process, by reproducing Customer requirements.


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