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How will you detect duplicate bugs posted by the testers?


How will you detect duplicate bugs posted by the testers in bugzilla?


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By compairing expected result and actual result...u can get duplicate bug from testcase(duplicate bug means same result/output of bugs with different ways)
Pull the excel sheet and search for similar wording.

IF you monitors the defects regularly duplication can be avoided, is a pain to isolate duplication post happening.


Duplicate defect is the one which is reported more than once!!!

All the passed test cases have same expected and actual, are they duplicate?

Agree with Abu Bakr Siddiq.

Some bugs have more than one scenarios to reproduced and its not always possible to find out all the scenarios at a time or by one tester. So only By comparing expected result and actual result is not enough.
We also need to check steps to reproduced.
Hi All,

If the Scenario is Like working on any particular tool how can we check out the Duplicate Bug.. Please provide ur comments on this..
The idea is to export all the defects to an excel sheet and search.

You have the option to search from Bugzilla but isn't that great either.
Bugzilla has a SEARCH option where u can find the bugs which were resolved as DUPLICATE...just select Status as Resolved and Resolution as Duplicate in Search window
Thanks you all ..
In mercury quality center we can search the defects logged by other testers.
In Set/sort filter dialog, we can give parameters which match with the defect in Summary field,
filter by module

I am getting java script error when logging into site/portal
To track the defects already logged on this:
Open filter dialog:
select summary field and enter praramter like : *scripte* and *error*
and click on ok. Then it will display results, by comparing the defect summary, steps to reproduce we can identify the duplicate defect.


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