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define a test case and how will we write a test case??????????????


 questions asked in interview

Q1 : define a test case

i said  :  it is an idea of an test engineer to check the data whether it is pass or fail

Q2 : how will you write a test case?

 i did not expalin well

plz help me


reddy prasad

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test case is a document which describes input values execution prconditions, expected results, developed for a particular objective such as to verify compliance with a specific requirement.

test cases are prepated based on the Functional requirement doucment(FRS) or use cases if it is given.

if no FRS test cases are prepared in the following way:

-any design document

-by seeing Developed application

-if all above are not available then we can visit cloned sites(similar website)

correct me if im worng

Test Case is actually a decomposition of requirements. It is how a tester validates a requirement. Test Case document can be a single spreadsheet. General format is

Test Case ID


Test Case Definition

Input data

Execution steps

Expected Result

Actual Result



its fine linta

can u define a test scenario, so that i will be very clear


reddy prasad

Hi Prasad,

The answer of your 1st question is

1. Test Case: Test case is nothing but, a step by step procedure for testing an application. This test case document captures all the positive and negative scenarios for testing the application. 

2. First we receive the Requirements Document from the manager and then we analyse it to understand the requirements. Once the requirement is freezed then we will start writing the test cases based on the company formats.

If in case requirements changes in next phases then we need to update the test cases accordingly with the new requirements.

Test cases are the sets of instructions along with expected result to varify if the functionality is as per the requirements. It checks whether a particular feature/condition works as is supposed to work or not. You can map the requirements with test cases to ensure if all requirements are covered by your test cases.

Test case should contain - Test case ID, Requirement ID(You can give the reference in requirement doc), Test condition, Step Description, Test Data, Expected Result, Actual Result, Result(Pass/Fail).

It should also contain the information such as The feature Name, How to reach or open to the page where the functionality to be tested is (Give url of the application if login page functionality is to be tested), Application version, Environment, Test cases written By, Test cases written on(Date), Test cases Executed By and Test Cases Executedon(Date)

Requirement for login is - User should be able to login to the application after entering valid username and password.In this case the conditions you need to check would be 1) what should happen if username and password are kept blank and clicked on Login, 2) What should happen if username is entered and password field is kept blank and clicked on Login, 3) What should happen if user name field is kept blank and password is entered, 4) What should happen if incorrect username and password are entered and clicked on Login, 5) What should happen if correct username and correct password are entered and clicked on login. 6) As a part of security, what should happen with the kind of username entered (if valid user name is abcd and password is anything that you so not know, if you try to enter username like abcd"# or abcd'# and then any password is entered, it should not allow to login. Here # comments the part in the query after username that asks for the password but just because password field is mandatory, you need to enter some character/s). For all the above 6 points you can give the exact test data of username and password so that while executing these test cases the tester will simply follow the steps in the step description and use the test data to get the result and compare with expected result.


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