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How will prepare traceability matrix if there is no Business Doc and Functional Doc?

How will prepare traceability matrix if there is no Business Doc and Functional Doc?



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Why to prepare TRM in the first place with out requirements?

 Deepti ,

            Your Reply is really making me laugh ... Who you are to write the Requirement ..?  Who the Developers are to approve it..??       You say we practice it based on functionality ..???    Functionality is simply 1/12 attribute of the Quality ...      If Test team writes the requirement and further Developers are there to approve it then What is purpose of TM..????   


I am in to mobile app testing. A product based company

Most of our requirement that come form marketing or BA are one liners. They will just say implement this. 

It depends on the designer team (as u mentioned) to convert these request to requirements. But when there are no such team (person) to make the req doc, the engineers come in action. They decide the way that can be implemented.

Then we have a kick off meeting, where in  the way the feature will get implemented is discussed. In this meeting QA comes up with scenarios. 

QA documents the necessary requirements and gets it verified with Marketing/BA and engineers. 

I understand that this is not as per the software development life cycle. But I wanted to reply to the practical scenarios, where in there cannot be dedicated teams to prepare BRD/CRD. 


           However, I have written that I don't want to discuss this topic further .. but Still I am writing it again ...   See , You may be correct in your own ways but Concepts are never organization dependent.. ..  When Someone writes something on Forums like QT , It is read by Several ones and  It eventually have a impact on readers so I interrupted in Public Interest ...   You took it Positively and I thank You for that, thank you indeed ........ 

I know that Mobile apps are usually developed in a casual manner but still the working culture you have described above .... I would cross my limit by telling you that This is the worst Process I have ever heard ..........      The Job of the QA is to Verify the Software artifacts, measure the Process , Find ways to improve it with a goal of Preventing defects from ever occuring ... but in your case they are Drafting the same ...    Strange ....!!! but True ...  Siddiq Sir has already thanked God ..  Now Its my turn to say thanks to God....  " Really Thank God that I am not there.."........

Enjoy Testing ..


Samrat Jha..

Very strange practice! thank god I am not there.

Traceability matrix is mapping of the test case to the requirement to ensure complete coverage. If no business document and functional document we should get Briefings from the BA's Developers , PM/PL understand the domain of the application, try to understand the application by going through the prototype, Understand the modules and their functionalities. we could list out different scenario  and should document then in TM

hi balaji  i think it is not posible to prepare traceability matrix with out BD AND FD

you r right..!!

hI all could any body tell me what is the integration testing in ETL TESTING and what  behind this....ashu

First place when there is no place for SRS; I don’t think we will be able to create TRM.

Second it’s quite strange if tester does this work even if SRS is unavailable, since this is not the right testing life cycle and there will be lot of loop holes in this quite of adventure.

Thanks and Regards,

Raju Krish

Hi All,

         First of all Thanks for your valuable replies and what is your opinion in soni's reply?

Thanks in advance,

 @ Manoj,

         Can You please share your own opinion ..?? 

 I think there is a bug in this discussion too and that is in the eyes of the beholder .........


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