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how we will test the layers in the architecture of project

Hi friends

im trying on testing. i have faced question in the interview.pls help me out by sharing ur ideas

They asked me what is architecture of project?

i have said n-tier and explained

1st layer-browser,2nd-webserver 3rd-application server ,4th-database server

then they asked how will test the layers

As tester we will test the layers r not? otherwise developers will perform this testing?pls clarify


Thanks in advance


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Actually u need to tell them differently like 3 tier or n-tier./

there wil be Presentation layer(UI), Application layer( jboss,tomcat), db layers(Oracle,sql server)

connetion between ur Prasention layer and application layer is estbalished by tcp/ip

and connect between ur application layear and db is by JDBC(eg)


Hope this will help you all the best for ur interview



Ramesh K



yes there are ways to test the layers.

UI layer can be tested via browser.

Web service or the Business logic layer can be tested by calling the web methods via nUnit or a test app.

Datalayer can be tested in a similar way via nunit.

But for nUnit you need to know bit of code.

Hi Tahir ,

Give me with clarity.





As a Tester, If you want to test UI layer and application layer saperatly, It is not possible. because as a tester you will communicate to application layer or business logic through UI layer and to  database thr UI and business layer.

You can test UI layer saperatly with GUI testing.

But to test business logic , you need to know white box testing, should have access to code.and which normally gets performed at unit level.


-S Sarita.



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