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How to write test cases on CHECK BOX in gmail or yahoo mail at the time of signin...

Pls any one explain me about this....

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Thanx a lot...
Any element on a webpage also has usability aspect, for Check box specific usability testing you can also test the accessibility of the check box through the keyboard, tabbing order etc.

For functionality aspect I think it has been already answered.
Thank You sir.. Now i got the idea...
Hi Sachin,

When asked by interview this kind of questions? before answering them how we do it? Ask them the requirement clearly like eg: what is it expected? what should happen if selected or not selected? where does it encrypted get saved? By the answer they give you mostly we would get all the test cases.

Then talk about in detailed TC?
Oh ohi i thought if i ask anything means they ll think i dont know anything, so from now onwrds ill ask.. Thank You...... and pls do one more help ie i have one doubt how to write test cases on DROP DOWN BUTTON,TEXT FIELD,ETC.. The main thing is for ex when v see our home page in gmail acc, how to start and write test cases.. I have Lot of confusion in this..... pls help me..
ok what ever

I read most of all answers for your query given my our mates.

But i have little updation.I checked cookies for gmail created while we login with remember me checked check box.
it shows me information like :
Name rememberme
Value true
Host .google.com
Path /
Secure No
Expires Tue, 03 Mar 2020 06:14:28 GMT

See, it shows expires almost after 10 years if we wont interrupt it.

Correct me if i am wrong.

Vishal /-
Thank u,Shall i ask any doubts to u...
ya sure..

I will try to answer you & if even I wont able to answer your doubt then we will try to find out together.



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