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How to write test cases on CHECK BOX in gmail or yahoo mail at the time of signin...

Pls any one explain me about this....

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Please describe, what this CHECK BOX does?
it ll remind our password till 7 days, in interview she asked like this much only
do you want test cases for remember me check-box? elaboration will help us answer better.
ya remember me for 7days,,,
Hi Sachin,

Testing for remember me checkbox is more of a cookie testing.
Cehck with the developers the type of cookie that will be created by the application.
on ui you may write test cases for selection /unselection of the checkbox whereas to actually verify the functionality you'll need to go deeper and check the values in the cookies. if the cookies are not encrypted then there is a vulnerability also check if the cookies have the 7 days criteria specified in them.
how was the teaching and learning at qSpiders ? Its neat Lal bagh rt ?
Hi Sachin,

As Abhijeet told, it is part of Cookies testing.

If your web application is using cookies to maintain the logging state of any user then log in to your web application using some username and password.you have three ways of doing so:

1) Ideally when we have https, then cookies should be encrypted and should get deleted when session is closed
2. To check the encryption of the parameters passed through URL, you can use any open source sniffer and play with the application. Sniffer logs will give you an idea about the parameters which are encrypted.
Thank you Madhuri, and i have one doubt how to write test cases on DROP DOWN BUTTON,TEXT FIELD,ETC.. The main thing is for ex when v see our home page in gmail acc, how to start and write test cases.. I have Lot of confusion in this..... pls help me..
Thank You, in inteview she asked about only CHECK BOX, she asked how ull write test cases on CHECK BOX FOR REMEMBER ME FOR 7DAYS ONLY...

Did you understand the query?

Hi Sachin,

Test Cases:
I assume Checkbox here as "Remember Me"

1) Verify the Remember Me is enabled by default
2) Verify the Remember Me is selected successfully
3) On Enter valid username/password and then Sign-in with Remember Me selected, shall receive a message as "Do you want to remember you on this machine..."
4) Verify the information is stored in the cookie ( Firefox -> Options -> Security -> Saved Passwords)
5) Verify deleting the cookie and try login-in shall prompt to remember(cookie doesn't exists)

Just think cognitive, you are good to write atleast 100 test cases..

Thanx a lot...


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