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Hi all,

I went for one Interview their the Interviewer gave scenario to write the test cases. If any body knows please explain to me

The Scenario is

In Google Talk two persons are chating. When we sign in we select the person to chat, that time it will display whether the person is online or offline. If i'm in online and the person also in online but, he selected the chat mode as offline. Now, how i will know whether he is in online or offline. This is the scenario

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Hi Malathi,

Frist thing,No validation can happen in such case.

Secondly, We can validate if the person from the other side whose is in invisible mode replies to our message/ping .

Thats all we can do



Thank you Chandra.

Hi malathi ,

 1)When she/he pings from other side (Invisible), only u wil get the pop up chat as " Malathi is offline.

  Messages you send will be delivered when Malathi comes online".



Thank u Yuvan


Check below these are the possible solutions for your scenario

1. Check if the another user is out of chat (Sign out from chat)
2. Check if the another user is in invisible mode
3. Check What kinda message displays while mouse-over on the user name
4. Send a message to the user and verify message is successfully delivered, If not message validate will be displayed


Thank u Raj

Hi Malathi,

As Per I understand Requirement we have to check/Test wheather user is online/offline (it might be invisible).

Test case1: Scroll the mouse & see status of user either idle, Active, disable

Test case2: Select a person & send Mesg 1.

Expected Rslt: If user is online & invisible then then no Gtalk mesg appear.

Test case3: Select a person $ send Mesg 2.

Expected Rslt: If user is offline then Gtalk displays mesg " USER XYZ is offline You can still send this person messages and they will receive them the next time they are online."

Any comments are appreciable.


Thank u Salim


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