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i want to know how to write test cases for megha drop down box.

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What do you mean by Megha drop down box? I know only the drop down box.

Could you please give me the example so that I can also have some idea about it.

@Shailesh: It's Mega not Megha. Mega drop box is the box which contains multiple sections under it and each section has multiple links. Find out the following attachment, hope it will clear your doubt. 

thanks supriya,,,,,,,


Now I understand your requirement.

It's kind of main link (MEN) where you have multiple sub-link (Top Pick, Footwear etc)and each link it's also associated with multiple sub-link where all the sub-link are associated with the webpage.

1. Testcase should check whether how many sublink are there in Main link. Count and name should match.

2. Test case should check that all the sub-link should work and open the page properly. Correct page is associated with each link.

Like that you need to follow the approach.

I prefer to go with automation so that execution will be easy and fast. 

Hope this would help.

The test cases for the the long list of drop down options ( if that is what you meant by mega drop down box ! ) depend on the functionality. Say, you have to select a STATE based on the COUNTRY, then for the entire 50 states of USA you need to write one test case ( Equivalence Partitioning Technique ). Basically, you need to GROUP the similar values together to create one test case. So for 60 drop down list values you may have to create few test cases and not certainly 60 !

Hope this Helps.




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