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i am working as a test eng. for mobile application for iPod, and iPad,

Can any one told me how to write Test Cases for a mobile application.


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  Can anybody pls send the test cases on this,It's very helpful to me.

Thanks in advance





can anybody forward the mobile app test docs to me.thanks in advance

id:  s.aparna.sai@gmail.com



Find the installation test case for iPhone & iPad : 1.Save the .ipa files to the hard drive or desktop of computer 

2.Open the itune .Connect the iPhone or iPad

3.Drag and drop or double click the .ipa files into iTunes in the uppe left corner, under the library section at Application group 

4)Drag and drop the .app (.ipa)file to the application folder.In iTunes verify that program is listed as an application .By opening the library ->> Application folder find the name of your application
5)Go to devices under your device name is shown under that synchronize the application folder with your device and keep it synchronized.
Sync .app files with iTunes
6)select Apply and try to run our iPhone program on iPhone device.

Server Error :Whenver the server is down or weak .Message should be displayed like“Server is temporarily unavailable.Please try after sometime”

Network Error : Verify the behavior of application when there is Network problem and user is performing operations for data call.User should get proper error message like “Network error. Please try after some time”

Hi can u please send the test cases for mobile application for android

My mail id is thilakprasadk@gmail.com


  • who did test video app on device?..can you share your experience for me?

  • i'm researching this problem

  • i'm from VietNam..Thanks


Can any one please send test cases on this email id. shahshefali1991@gmail.com

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Shailendra,

Below is a quick list of test cases used widely by software testing companies while offering the mobile testing services:

1. Check if the app can be:
- found in the app store? (Check after go-live)
- installed on the device?
- de-installed from the device?

2. Check if the application function as expected after re-installation?

3. Check if the app behave as expected in case:
- there is an incoming call or SMS?
- the charger is connected or the charger is disconnected?
- the device goes to sleeping mode or resumes from sleeping mode
- the device resumes from lock screen?
- the device is tilted or shaken?
- a local message or a push message is coming from another app (like: calendar reminders, to-do task, twitter, whatsapp message etc)
- the “Battery low” message is pushed
- the sound on the device is turned off?
- the device is in airplane mode?

4. Check if the functionality of all the buttons or keys on the device works as desired, like:
- if the “back” button take user to the previous screen?
- if the “menu” button opens up the app’s menu?
- if the “home” button take user back to the home screen of the device?
- if the “search” button take user to some form of search within the app?

5. Check if the app interacts with GPS sensor correctly (switch on/off, retrieve GPS data)?



can you please visit here: https://www.testrigtechnologies.com/how-to-test-mobile-application/

It may be helpful to you

Hello Shaliendra,

Following is the example  from mobile testing services, that you can use to write tests for IPad.

Sample Test Scenario: Verify that user is login to mobile application
1. There should be an active mobile data available on Ipad.
2. Application should be installed on Ipad Device.
Steps to Reproduce Expected Results
Under Search bar, search for application which you want to search. User should be able to search for application if application is installed on Ipad.
Click on application icon which you want to open. User should be navigated to mobile application home.
Click on Sign In button. User name and Password fields should appear.
Provide User name and password  
Click on Sign In button. User should be able login successfully.



Before going to start with test case writing, I would love to suggest you read the below article, it may help to explore more about mobile app testing...

Visit Here: How to Test Mobile Application?


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