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How to write system test case for amount transfer?


   everyone  how to write system test case for amount transfer.

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consider 3D secure payments 

International transaction using SWIFT Payments 

Major part of you test case should be on Data Integrity when data processed from host to host 


There is no limit for test cases but you need have some kind scope to you question where you start with and then add more and more TC. 




hi thanx

open browser with specific bank url

goto customer login page

login with valid uid and pwd

click on logingoto transfer page

select type of funds transfer like third party transfer, inter bank transfer, etc...

enter amount

select account holder that you you want to transfer 

click on submit buttonclick on confirm button after keen verification of holder account details

hi, thanx for the reply

praveen kumar explained very well. while writing those test cases make sure to cover all the related busuness rules.



Positive test cases:
1. Enter correct user name and password(Authorization should be success).
2. Check A/C balance for sufficient to transfer(if A/C balance>1000) transfer allowed.
3.Enter correct authorization code for transfer.(security test).
4.Enter A/C number,Branch name to transfer.(correct details then enable transfer).
5.Transfer amount < max limit,transfer the amount successfully.
6. Check the balance in the accounts.

Negative test cases:
1. Enter incorrect user name and password(Authorization should be failed).
2. Check A/C balance for sufficient to transfer(if A/C balance<1000) transfer not allowed.
3.Enter wrong authorization code for transfer.
4.Enter A/C number,Branch name to transfer.(wrong details, transfer not enabled).
5.Transfer amount > max limit,transferring the amount denied.
thanx for replay what u have explained is very nice .


hi ...

please...anyone tell me how to write test cases for cash transfer for android mobile.

The same scenarios from Rakesh Pandey work.

Also keep the things in mind,

-> secured protocol "https" should use

-> Acknowledgment fo successful/failed transaction

-> function should be aborted if fails anytime before the transaction(may fail due to network lost/application exit or refreshed...)

Android Mobile- two categories. one by browser and other by native app(mobile applications)

Native app: App should be certified for secure payments


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