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How to write high level test case? Give me some sample test cases?

How to write high level test case? Give me some sample test cases? Any one reply to my question.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Sridevi,

To write the high level test case, Requirement documents are the main source.Learn the requirement thoroughly & write the positve & negative test case to check the functional & non functional characteristics.

System test cases (sometimes called as Integreation test cases or functional test case) are the best example of high level test cases.

For example, Gmail login page :

Assume that field validation has been finished.
So test cases for system testing would be :

1. Enter valid user name & valid password.
On clicking Login button, use should be able to login successfully.
2. Enter invalid user name & valid password.
On clicking Login button, Information message to be viewed "Invalid user name".
3. Check with entering valid user name & invalid password.
4. Same check invalid user name & password.
5. Copy the data from the password field & paste it into notepad. Should not encrypt the password.
6. Page should take minimum 1 min. to load.

Hope its clear. In case of query revert back.

Bye, Tc


Can you help me with test cases for SignUp/login using gmail

Good Information Neha thanks.

Hi Sridevi,

Why you are writing HIGH LEVEL test cases??? If is it because of less time, better draft Test Scenarios and play with the system to uncover issues.


Hi Siddiq


Can you please give the example how to write  Test Scenarios.

"Verify mails displaying in Gmail Inbox are dynamic"

What will you do for this business flow -> now a Test Scenario?

Whatever steps I follow for Verifying  mails displaying in Gmail Inbox are called as test cases or Scenario.

single test scenario has one or more test cases OR Single test case has one or more test scenario

Which one is correct?.

I am very happy if give example for test cases & scenario. I very confused between two... Please clear me.


Hi Sridevi

I have heard this word (High level test cases) for the first time.

what is the meaning of High level testcase ?
Is there any difference between test case and High level test case ?


@ Ankita,


High level TC,which can be

covered the main functionality like

creation,edition,deletion,etc....as per prescribed in the


Write all the test cases under low level TC,which can be

covered the screen,like input fields are displayed as per

the requirements,buttons are enabled or disabled,and

test case for low priority functionality.


Example a screen contains two edit boxes login and password

and a pust buttons OK and Reset and check box for the

label "Remember my password".Now let us write high level TC

and low level  test cases.




1.Verify that User is able to login with valid login and

valid password.

2.Verify that User is not able to login with invalid login

and valid password.




3.Verify that Reset button clears the filled screen.

4.Verify that a pop up message is displayed for blank login.






1.Verify that after launching the URL of the application

below fields are displayes in the screen.

1.Login Name 2.Password.3.OK BUTTON 4.RESET button etc..

5.check box,provided for the label "remember my pwd" is


2.Verify that OK button should be disabled before selecting

login and passwrod fields.

3.Verify that OK button should ne enabled after selecting

login and password.

4.Verify that User is able to check the check box,provided

for the label "remember my pwd".



In this way,we can categories all the test cases under HIGH


whatever u described that comes under prority basis. A test case contains both high and low priority and severity Functionality.

than what is the new thing in HIGH LEVEL TEST CASE ?

Ithink u r wrong high level and low levels are only design documents not test cases test cases are written only basis of functionality of any application.


According to my knowledge "test scenarios" are nothing but "high level document" and "test cases" are "low level document".

From test scenarios we are going to derive no. of test cases


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