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Hi all,

There is a web table containing five columns but those columns are interchanging their positions.Assume one of the column name Company,and the another column name was Company URL.
"Then how to find out the required company was present in the company column,if it is present then we have to click on that company URl link".Plz send me the script for that.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Friends,

  In QTP we are having one fine method for this issue ....

use "Getrowwithcelltext" in QTP

Let me know if you are still facing any issues.....

hey, its too simple.. try for this below code:

Pass the values for rows and columns


Set TableObject=Browser("BrowserName").Page("PageName").WebTable("TableName")

Fn_str_Companyname=TableObject.GetCellData(rows,columns) 'columns: Company col postion

Set objSubLink = TableObject.ChildItem(rows,cols,"Link",0) 'cols: Companyurl col postion


It will work



Jayanthi Gunalan



Thank You So much


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