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How to Testing the Google like search functionality in the Job Portal?

Can anyone tell me?

What are the scenarios to test the Job search text field? It is like a Google search for jobs in job portal

How to test positive and negative way to search for jobs?

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Positive Scenarios:

1. Verify whether the cursor is highlighting when we click on search box field
2. Verify whether the Search button is getting enabled when we enter text in the search box field
3. Verify by Entering valid data in the search field and see whether it is displaying proper results based on the data
4. Verify whether it is displaying total count of results(i.e numbers)
5. Verify Whether the results page supports Pagination
6. Verify How many results does the result page is displaying and the preference of the results

Negative Scenarios

1. Verify System behavior by entering Invalid data(',",&..) in the search box field and see how the system behaves
2. Verify system behavior by changing URL

These were some of the scenarios and will increase If your requirement is more specific. Amendments to above scenarios will be highly appreciated

Thanks a lot...........

If the search based on the Job Position, Jobid, job skills, job location and client name.How to test in these situations Please help me out any one


For example we take as one 

Job Position-A, Job ID- JB111, Job Skills-

1. Verify that all fields are displaying or not.

2. Verify the alerts are displaying when the user click on search with empty fields.

3. Verify Grammatical mistakes in the alerts.

4. Verify the Job Location field i.e when the user click on Job location the location list is displaying or           not.

5. Enter all valid data in all fields and click on search and verify the related data is displayed or not.

6. Verify the Job location i.e for example in the search page the user given location as Hyderabad and         click on search and after that verify the Hyderabad job locations are showing or not.

Hi Radhika this is for to test the Job search text field

1. Verify the search box i.e pixels of the search field.

2. Verify the Search text is displaying in the search field.

3. Verify when user click on Search field the the search field should be in enable mode.

4. Verify with valid data in search field.

5. Verify the search symbol or search button i.e pixels(height and width) of the search button

6. Verify by Enter valid data and click on search.

7. Verify with empty search field click on search.


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