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How to test the security of cloud application?

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Consideration is the need to decide between whitebox or blackbox testing. In blackbox testing, the penetration tester knows as little about the system as a real-world hacker would know. This is advantageous because, as you discover and exploit vulnerabilities, no one can challenge your report by claiming “an attacker wouldn’t know to do that.” On the other hand, whitebox testing is advantageous in that it is much faster. Not only is reconnaissance and server discovery accelerated, it’s easier to prioritize test efforts.

A big challenge to cloud security testing can be the lack of application logging to aid in focusing and enhancing your test efforts. Performing security testing in an isolated development environment means you will be able to tail logs and see evidence of your attacks’ outcomes. In a cloud environment, you will rarely be grated this level of access. Therefore, you will only be able to gauge attack success by the application’s behaviour. Some tests are such that providing input into control A on screen Z will result in invalid data on page P. Be familiar with the data flow within your app and expect to have to poke all around the app to complete your testing.

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Cloud, cloud computing, cloud hosting, etc. are terms that were relatively unknown till some time ago. Now, the global adoption of cloud has increased and is expected to grow multifold in the coming years due to the many benefits that it provides. Software testing in the cloud is one of these benefits.

Cloud testing allows the use of cloud environments to simulate real-world user activity and traffic, eliminating the need for large investments in hardware and software that is only sporadically used. With business applications becoming increasingly complex, cloud testing also provides the scalability required to adequately test for real-world scenarios.

An application should be tested for five parameters: Performance, Security, Availability, Disaster Recovery, Ability, and Multi-Tenancy. Testing for all this in the cloud has helped companies offering software testing services to profoundly improve their services.



As per practices of quality assurance company, Security Testing is a type of testing where one can perform testing by keeping in mind the threats and risks which can destroy the functionality and important data of the system/application.

Security threats can be also observed while testing any application cloud.

Before coming to security of Cloud applications, firstly we should be aware of, why we use cloud services to test various applications:
By performing testing on cloud, one can avoid huge capital expense required to purchase hardware, software and system management to perform testing on different tools and devices. Also,users use cloud to store their data to save storage capacity of their hardware devices

The best ways to secure data on cloud are:
1. Before uploading any important data to cloud, firstly make sure to encrypt that data and then upload the encoded file on cloud .
2. Use trusted encryption softwares to encrypt data before uploading it to the cloud.

Apart from above practices to secure data on cloud, following security testing approaches can be adopted while testing any confidential application on cloud services:
1. Vulnerability scanning: Under this testing, complete application looks for the loopholes and vulnerabilities in the application.
2. Penetration testing: Under penetration testing, tester needs to test the application by thinking from a Hacker's mind.
3. Ethical hacking: Under ethical hacking, system is hacked by itself to obtain loopholes in the system, the purpose of ethical hacking is to improve the security of the network or systems by fixing the loopholes found during testing.
4. Risk assessment: Risks are measured in terms of security and then those risks are divided on the basis of High, Medium and Low
5. Security scanning: Security testing is performed basically to identify the network loopholes and then analysed those network weaknesses and resolve them
6. Security review: Security review include whether all the security standards are implemented accurately and consistent throughout the application which covers all the security gaps of the application.

t is always agreed, that cost will be more if we postpone security testing after software implementation phase or after deployment. So, it is necessary to involve security testing in the SDLC life cycle in the earlier phases.

Let's look into the corresponding Security processes to be adopted for every phase in SDLC


What is Security Testing: Complete Tutorial

Software Security testing services


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Cloud computing is on-demand infrastructure resources delivered over internet, it has many advantages & this industry sky rocketed in recent years, with 84% of organizations now using cloud services & it has market cap of around $241 billion dollars on 2020. Many companies provides the dedicated cloud testing services as it continues to grow further every year.

With cloud computing you don't need to own or buy all physical data centers and servers, you can access technology services, such as computing power, storage, and databases, on an as-needed basis from a cloud provider like for example Amazon Web Services (AWS) where you pay as used resources.

Types of cloud computing:
- Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
- Platform as a Service (PaaS)
- Software as a Service (SaaS)

It is very important to conduct security testing as most applications contain highly sensitive data.

The primary goal of cloud security is to stop any threat or malware from accessing, stealing or manipulating our personal data. It identifies threats in the system and measures its potential vulnerabilities. In addition, it helps to identify all possible security risks in the system and help developers fix these problems through coding.

Security testing for cloud based application needs to ensures six basic principles - Authorization, Availability, Confidentiality, Authentication, Integrity, and Non-repudiation. There are many tools available in market in order to perform testing also you can opt for any qa company handle the cloud testing for you.

Testing cloud applications before deployment is essential for security and optimal performance.


To maintain application security there are various kinds of cloud testing tools are available. As a part of the top Best Software Testing Company in the USA, I would like to list out below

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