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Suppose am purchasing an online film ticket and there is only 1 ticket left and 4 users are at a same time logged in to the app and want to purchase that 1 ticket . How you will test this scenario ? and if an interviewer ask this what should be the answer ?

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Test scenario for Ticketing in my point of u ..If i m wrong Pls Correct me

Step 1.Check the  Availability

Step 2.Recommendation(seat available,class etc..)

Step 3.Passenger Details (Optional)

Step 4.Price for Booking seat

Step 5.Payment success

Step 6.Ticketing..

You can test this scenario using LoadRunner.

Hi Ramesh,

           As far i know , once the payment process is succeeded , that particular user will avail the ticket.



Thank you guys for sending a reply ... 


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