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How to test or check Browsers compatibility view (IE6,IE7,IE8, Mozilla firefox,Crome) ?

Hi QT Members,

How to test or check Browsers compatibility view (IE6,IE7,IE8, Mozilla firefox,Crome) ?

I Want to test web application in Different Browsers In one step, how it possible,is there any tool for same.

--Mahesh Dhule

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Dear ,

everything is done , i had installed spoon pulgin and In My IE 8 its showing the Added pulgin , what i have to ask u is , where i will get or how to test same applcation in IE 6 and IE 7 for compatibility view ,

am not getting option to convert IE 8 to IE 6 & IE 7 , i want to know how my application is look like in IE6 & IE7 and i have to test funcationlity in same ....

In IE 8 manage add- ons its displaying, check with below Screen and please let me know what i can do next ........

-- Mahesh Dhule
Did you even see my screenshot attached with my last reply?

Once you open http://spoon.net/browsers in IE8 it will show you all the browsers.

Next just click on "Install Plugin" it will install some plug-ins and enable the "Green" icon which is earlier not enable. Just click on that icon and wait for sometime as the browser will open IEx (whatever choice you've made) in new window.

This should work man.......if not do let me know this is becoming too long now.

Best Regards,


testing is my passion!!!
hey till the green thing which you ve referred it works after that it restars the brw in which yiu are working.....then how do i procced...!!!

coz after the launc of application i.e. it restarts the brw after that nothing happens.
Ex. I was workin in mozilla ...i select ie6 downlded the plugin...but nuthin doin it dinno work..
http://browsershots.org/ This is an application for Testing cross browser compatibility
hop this may works or at least you may get an idea how a website looks like in different browsers
1. http://browsershots.org/
2. Multi Browser 1.0 it might be a good one too.. (though i haven't use this s/w i just heard of this )
Hi Ammad ,

One Question asked I am locally test web application then any option http://browsershots.org/ . how to screenshot local ip address useing.

Sandip Wagh
Hi Sandip ,

i thing its not possible to do it ..... Please if u found urs answer then let me know ...

--Mahesh Dhule
Hi Mahesh,

QTP supports the following list of browsers Except Chrome :

IE : 5.5,6,7,8
Netscape : 7,8,9
AOL : 9
Firefox : 1.5,2,3

Dear ,

i not have QTP to Test My application , i have to do manually Please if U have and ideas on manaul let me know.

& tell me how to do in QTP , is any written Script for it ?

--Mahesh Dhule
Hey guys,

Nice replies.

I said it is not possible because ,

1) http://spoon.net/Browsers/ - I alrady tried for it but not get success yet :(
2) multibrowserviewer - it is a third party software so i cant trust for this, as per my past experience sometimes it will not show currect result compare to original.
3)http://browsershots.org/ - you have to wait long time to take only single snap of the page then when will you complete your testing . We have already very tight schedule always (atleast for me).

Let me know , if I am wrong anywhere.

Thanks & Regards,
Vishal Shah

I use spoon.net day-in-day-out for my needs!

I don't know what you guys are doing wrong, as it is very simple. Just need to install plug-ins and start using it!

Please check my earlier responses which are very clear and makes sense.

Best Regards,


testing is my passion!!!
Hi Freinds ,

Thanks to all .. please let me know more for same Question...

--Mahesh Dhule


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